7.62 Linear Comp Nano


7.62 Linear Comp Nano Lined Version
Directs gasses away from the shooter forward
Perfect for 7.62X39 300 Blackout and 7.62 Nato rifles
Comp is 1.5″ long
Threaded 5/8X24

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7.62 Linear Comp Nano

7.62 Linear Compensator

Nano Model

This is the Lined version

1.5 inches long

The Linear compensator is designed to direct the gas forward, away from the shooter.

Its architecture has been improved from the classic layout of the linear compensator.

As a result, the six side holes are no longer parallel with the bullet hole, but at a slight angle for a swirl effect.

The front end of the compensator is optimized to increase the effect of bullet stabilizing.

Ideal for 7.62X39, 300 Blackout, and 7.62 Nato

At the rear there are 2 flats for wrench for easy installation

Threaded 5/8″-24. CNC-machined out of steel, Matte black finish.

NLC-1-7.62  is the Nano Linear Comp with smooth finish  1.5 inch long

S&J Hardware NLC-2-7.62

Made In Canada